Character Traits of Positive Movers and Shakers

When it comes to making some (any) kind of difference in this world, most of the people doing it aren't that different from you and me.

Most of them don't have any “special privileges”, they are not particularly “advantaged”, and they often come from broken homes and horrible circumstances, with limited skills and resources.

But the defining trait of all of them, is that no matter their background, at some point in their lives, they made a choice to rise above where they came from, and learned and did whatever they needed to learn and do, to transform their lives as well as the lives many around them.

So, What Makes a Mover and Shaker?

You'll find that most movers and shakers fall into one of three categories.

We’ll call category one the “haters”. You know who I’m talking about. They are the folks who walk through life complaining bitterly about anything and everything that crosses their minds.

We’ll call the second category the “status quo keepers”. You most likely know a few of those too. These are the people who go through life sort of… going through the motions. They are not particularly unhappy but they are not particularly happy either. They are content to remain as they are, putting forth only what is required of them to get through the day.

Then you have the third category, what you might call “the motivators”. The motivators are energetic and inspiring. These are the change agents who see the bigger picture, and feel they have been called to higher purpose in life. These are the folks that go out and make things happen and get things done, quite literally creating a better world around them, everywhere they go. So, what’s so different about these “motivators”?

Their Lives Have Purpose

People who have discovered their life’s purpose have usually done so because they’ve emerged like a butterfly from a long history of heartaches and failures.

They have most likely done things the hard way at some point in their past, and they have learned many lessons from their mistakes along the way.

As a result, they feel compelled to share what they have learned to lift others up, to serve them, and to help them avoid the same pitfalls they once fell into.

People with a life purpose possess a seemingly inexhaustible wellspring of energy and drive, marching toward their goals and letting go of anything that doesn't serve their higher purpose. As they do, they inspire others to do the same and come along for the ride.

They Are Committed to Self-Growth

Most of the people out making a difference right now, do so because they realize that the world doesn't revolve around them. They are often on a constant quest to learn more about themselves, about humanity, and about how to do life better.

They will typically be the first to admit they don't know everything, and they are more than willing to ask for help in strengthening their weak areas.

They are committed to always learning, always growing, and always being thankful for each new experience in life. They treat experience as lessons to help propel them further along their chosen path, and grow them as humans.

They Aren’t “Normal”

And that’s not a bad thing, if normal means you have no goals, no dreams, and no room for improvement. Motivators who are bent on making a positive impact in the world around them see problems in culture and society, and immediately set out to find solutions.

They don’t just blindly follow the masses, or adopt a herd mentality. They refuse to conform and love to be an out-of-the-box thinker, constantly looking for new ways to solve a common problem.

They stretch boundaries and aren't afraid to stir the pot or say the hard things, if they believe their actions or words will serve a higher good and bring about change that benefits all.

They are Communicators and Relators 

Motivators who make a difference and change things for the better, know that relationships are paramount to every endeavor.

Relationships, connecting with other people, supporting others in their goals by sharing their own skills and talents are all vital components of building a network of people that can help “get things done”.

They aren't afraid to share their knowledge and expertise, especially when they know it can be of value to someone else. They also (generally) tend to believe in some form of karmic, reaping and sowing mentality. In other words, they believe you get back what you give in this life.

They Have Real Character

Leaders that affect change in this world not only raise themselves up, but lift all those around them up along their way. Rising tides raise all boats, and all that. They are inspiring, and they love to help, support, and love on other people.

They don't engage in practices that require them to step on someone else to get ahead, and they consider themselves creators, not destroyers.

They do not throw around any clout, wealth, or influence they may possess, they use their influence wisely. They understand their own personal power and their ability to build others up, or tear others down.

They care about people, and they care about how they are perceived by people, therefore, they are careful to choose to be positive in both word and deed.

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