Global Goals Similar to God's Goals

Ending poverty, ending world hunger, promoting health and well-being, gender equality, quality education, clean water and sanitation... these are just a handful of the global goals that as fellow humans, we should be aware of and seeking to participate in contributing to, however we can.

It doesn't matter how big or small the effort, even the smallest ripple can travel far and have a great impact. There will always be things like poverty, disease, and other "fruits" of sin and evil.

But that doesn't mean we are to stand by and do nothing about it. We're not meant to be mere watchers, while the world around us crumbles.

We are to be warriors, fighting the good fight, and to not grow weary in doing good, in following what seems like impossible situations.

We are to resist evil, fight against darkness, strike back against oppression, and strive to protect those helpless to protect and defend themselves, and trust in God to do all the heavy lifting.

Faith without works is dead, to me means that if we believe in a living God, if we believe in his work, then our faith ought to be producing some kind of good fruit, as evidence of our faith and conversion.

This means that no matter how big or small our contribution to the world may be, every effort counts. Every win on the side of light, on the side of love, on the side of peace, generosity and kindness, counts.

It doesn't matter whether we're giving a few hours of our time each Monday to cut the hair of homeless people, giving $5 to our favorite charity, installing water filtration systems in areas that desperately need them ... we are showing love for others through our actions, and cradled within that love, we are shining the light within us.

We can trust God to take it from there.

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