Love People More and Make a Difference

There are so many things in this world that need changing, and for many of us, we desire to be a part of that change.

But sometimes we can feel small or insignificant, like our contribution doesn't really matter much. Except it does.

Change always starts with just one person, with one action, with one word and deed. You cannot have change without that one thing, that spark that sets change in motion.

You yourself could be that one thing. Even if you are not ready to commit to traveling the world and giving your time to other countries, you can still make significant contributions right from home, that can have far-reaching (and even global) effects.

Some of the ways you can contribute to making the world better are:

Focus on Your Family

Yes, it can be amazing to travel to other countries on humanitarian or mission trips, or volunteer at a homeless, woman’s shelter or a nursing home. But one of the most significant ways you can make this world better, is by raising your children well, and teaching them to be kind, loving, and considerate. These are virtues that seem to be fading fast in society today.

You can also teach them virtues like compassion simply by helping your own needy family members. That widower Aunt of yours that has no children of her own to help her paint or move. That cousin of yours that is struggling to find a job. That in-law that you don’t particularly get along with, that needs help purchasing a few groceries.

Your example is the best and most powerful witness of love in action that you can offer to your kids. Teach your family that no small act of kindness goes unrewarded, and that every word and deed makes an impact, even if you can’t always see an immediate return.

Be Yourself

Be you, because there's only one like you! Even if that means you are not positive or cheerful 100% of the time.

When you are spending time with people, sometimes the best way you can serve and help them is to reveal yourself, and show that you are just like them in more ways than either of you probably realize.

You suffer weak moments too, and by sharing your weaknesses, you open the door for real connection and real growth to happen.

Open Your Mind

You won't always agree with everyone, all the time. However, being open-minded means you are willing to listen to someone else's point of view, and you are willing to change your mind if given compelling enough reason to do so.

You can also choose to voice a differing opinion in a way that is friendly and constructive. You will affect more positive change in the world just by being a good communicator than you will ever achieve condemning or judging another.

Educate Yourself

Our world today faces somany challenges and issues, across the globe. Educate yourself on some of those challenges and issues, and figure out ways you can contribute to the solution, rather than becoming part of the problem.

Maybe that means you educate yourself on issues regarding fair trade, and make a commitment to only purchase produce and products that are made under good working conditions and fair trade practices.

If feeding hungry children around the world is a passion, maybe that means educating yourself on areas where children need help the most. If clean water is a passion, maybe that means educating yourself on exactly how much clean water can benefit a community, and what needs to come next to make something like that happen.

We as humans tend to trek through life, blinded to realties around us until something happens that causes that reality to really hit home. Educating ourselves on issues that affect our fellow man should be one of the highest forms of learning we seek.

With awareness comes education, and with education, comes change.


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